ASK Cosmetics TNT Challenge - Week 7

As much as I was loving the length my nails had grown out to last week, I wasn't happy with the shape of my nails. By shape, I mean the rounded tips. I prefer a more square tip, not completely square but as my old manicurist called it, a rounded square. So this week I started shaping my nails toward the rounded square shape and also shortened them a little bit in the process. I am still applying T.I.P.S. once a day in the morning and using the Contour Nail File several times throughout the day. I also use the Revival Hand & Nail Cleanser when I wash my hands and the Revival Skin conditioning Milk in between hand washing through the day. On a side note, I am so impressed with the Contoured nail file I bought 3 for Christmas gifts for some of the women in my family. Normally, I wouldn't by someone a nail file for Christmas but this will be the last nail file they'll ever need.

Nail progress update, I haven't broken a nail in over 3 weeks. I haven't torn one in over 5 weeks. They feel TONS stronger than when I started this TNT Challenge. I actually opened a soda can with my nail the other day without thinking and cringed. It always used to tear or break the nail off. Not this time, it didn't even start a little one. I am so excited!!! My cuticles are also becoming more healthy every week. I am no longer getting so many hangnails, I still get the occasional small one (usually when the weather takes a drastic change - like warm and sunny to freezing cold and rainy with 60-100 mph winds). The little hangnails usually heal up in a day or two. Some of my cuticles are beginning to recede on their own, which is just awesome! Mostly because they have been driving me nuts with wanting to shove them back with a tool, but I've been a good girl and have left them alone. With just five more weeks of this challenge left, I have to say I am officially impressed with the results I have gotten so far.

On to the pictures...

Much Love, The Dragon Lady

Starting to feel better...Back soon!

Hello my lovely readers! Sorry I have been gone for so long, I caught what turned out to be 3 strains of the flu back to back (ahh... the joys of having 3 kids in school/daycare). I have felt miserable and couldn't even make it out of bed most days. I can't believe I have been sick for over a month and have SO much stuff to catch up on. Still feeling a bit queasy at the moment and easily tired but I also feel stronger than I have in the last few weeks.

Have no fear I should be back posting soon and will have the winner announcement for the giveaway and contests soon too. I feel so horrible I wasn't able to pick them sooner I just might have to add something to each of the prizes to try and make up for it. I will also be posting the TNT Challenge weeks that have passed. I have managed to take weekly pictures, just didn't have the strength to do much more than that. Lucky for me the Ask Cosmetics products are so easy to use I could apply TIPS even half dead to the world.

Thanks to all of you who emailed me to check up on me, I appreciate it. Miss you all lots! Much Love, The Dragon Lady