Possible New Shop And Lower Prices

As a polish buyer I would to buy from a website that gives be the best deal on what I am buying. I currently pay $0.20 per listing, another $0.32 per transaction and then another $0.64-0.68 per item through Paypal or Etsy depending on which checkout option my customer choose. That's $1.16-$1.18 per item! I am thinking about finding a website that doesn't charge as much to sell Dragon Lacquer polishes through. This way I can lower the prices on Dragon Lacquer products. Sounds good, right? However, the ones I know about have extremely limiting free accounts and if I have to pay a $20 (or more) monthly fee, it doesn't help me to be able to lower prices.

For example, BigCartel.com allows only 5 items with one picture a piece on their free account. Also, you have to upgrade to be able to make coupons, etc. There are ways to work around the 5 item listing limit, I could make each polish name an option in a drop-down menu but it would be time consuming both to set up and for the customer to scroll down through the list to find the one they want. I currently have 70 items listed on my Etsy store. I set one up just to try it out and I'm not to impressed. You can check it out here but can't buy stuff as of yet.

Next is Storeenvy.com, again limited functionality for a free account. Allows for up to 5 photos per item, similar to Etsy but I can't customize shop sections to make shopping easier. Again I set one up just to test, check it out here. One thing I don't like is that I can only customize the colors of the shop a small amount, no uploading a custom background or the ability to make it more appealing.

Another place I found is FreeWebStore,org. They allow for up to 15 item listings on a free account with way more options than the previous 2 sites provided. Far more customization ability, in design and category/item listing. Down side again, I have 70 items currently listed on Etsy. I would have to decide which 15 I want to keep selling and ditch the rest. I did set up an account to try it out, check it out here.

Okay, when I first came across this site I had never heard of it before but I though what the heck and set up a free account. The first thing I notice is that short of being able to fully customize my shop design with background images and font preferences and the ability to edit website HTML and coding (although I believe I can if I decide to upgrade down the road) it's like a fully functional webstore. I can customize categories, items, it tracks stock, customers can register an account to track their orders and use the WISHLIST function. Yep, a wishlist! I know I like to wishlist polishes I like so I can easily find them when it's purchase time. Down side, no coupon codes unless I upgrade BUT it is extremely easy to edit pricing for sales in the account management section. You can check my demo store out here. So far I think I like this one the best.

So here's my question! Does it matter to you, as a potential customer, which site hosts a store? If you have actually read through this and checked out the "store" options, which one do you like the best and why? I am seriously hoping that you all will help me out here. If I leave Etsy, I can reduce polish prices by at least $1.00 if not more.

Thanks in advance & Much Love & Lacquer,

GeekyOwl's Review of Dragon Lacquer

Hope you all aren't getting sick of seeing DL swatches 'cause Kirsten over at GeekyOwl is doing a Dragon Lacquer Review WEEK!

She is already up to day 3 of 5! Click on the pics to check out more swatches & read the reviews!

Day 1 - Cuticle & Hand Care:

Photo courtesy of Kirsten at GeekyOwl

I was honored at her comparison of Dragon Lacquer's Fluffy Lemon Cuticle Butter to Burt's Bees and Lush's Lemony Flutter.

Day 2 - Smart is Sexy:
Photo courtesy of Kirsten at GeekyOwl
Photo courtesy of Kirsten at GeekyOwl

I love that Kirsten did pictures with multiple coats to show build-ability.

Day 3 - Geeking Out:

Photo courtesy of Kirsten at GeekyOwl

Photo courtesy of Kirsten at GeekyOwl

Day 4 is up tomorrow and I can't wait!

Much Love & Lacquer,
Kevan @DragonLacquer aka The Dragon Lady

Manicurity Review of Dragon Lacquer

Photo courtesy of Emma at Manicurity
Another review of Dragon Lacquer this one is from Emma over at Manicurity. She did a swatch-a-thon over several base colors for the glitter toppers. Here's a preview of some of her beautiful swatches, click any photo to head over and see them all!

The first one up is FTW from the Gam3r Gir1 Collecion:

FTW - Photo courtesy of Manicurity
The second is L33T also from the Gam3r Gir1 Collecion:

L33T - Photo courtesy of Manicurity
The third is Neon Ninja one of the core polishes:

Neon Ninja - Photo courtesy of Manicurity
The fourth polish is One Bad Bytch also a core polish:

One Bad Bytch - Photo courtesy of Manicurity
And last but not least - the cuticle butter, cuticle oil, and Anti-Dragon Skin Hand Creme:

Photo courtesy of Manicurity

Much Love & Lacquer,
Kevan @DragonLacquer aka The Dragon Lady

ColorSplashNails Review of Dragon Lacquer

Neon Ninja - Photo courtesy of Rychelle from ColorSplashNails
Rychelle over at ColorSplashNails did a review of some of my Dragon Lacquer polishes. click the photos to go to her awesome blog to check out the rest of her swatches. She reviewed 4 polishes and cuticle/hand care items for me over two days. On Saturday, she reviewed Neon Ninja from my Core Collection (pictured above) and Meh. from the G33K Collection (pictured below). 

Meh. - Photo courtesy of Rychelle from ColorSplashNails
On Sunday, she posted the second half of her review covering Gam3r Gir1 (Gam3r Gir1 Collection), Zombocalypse (Zombie Collection) as well as a review of Anti-Dragon Skin Hand Creme, Fluffly Lemon Cuticle Butter, and Lemon Cuticle Oil. Remember to click on the pics to check out more swatches.

Gam3r Gir1 - Photo courtesy of Rychelle from ColorSplashNails
Zombocalypse - Photo courtesy of Rychelle from ColorSplashNails
Hope you enjoyed checking these swatches out as much as I did. It's a strange kick to see something you created on someone's nails.

Happy Lacquering all!

Much Love & Lacquer, The Dragon Lady