Orly Sashay My Way

Today's polish is Orly Sashay My Way from their new Flash Glam FX Collection. Sashay My Way is holographic yellow toned gold bar and medium sized hexagon glitter polish in a clear base. Okay, I admit that I was a bit biased going into this one. I really don't do the whole yellow gold thing. I don't even slap it on for Christmas. I'm more of a silver girl. My mom still thinks it's weird because gold matches my redheaded complexion far better. That said, I LOVE this polish. I mean hello bling! Sadly, it was extremely hard to capture all the fire going on in this polish. So take what you see in the pictures and multiply it by 10. Here is Orly Sashay My Way one coat over a black creme topped with one coat of Gelous.  As for application it was pretty easy, did have to place a few glitter but not as much as Be Brave. Glitter stayed down pretty flat too, I hit it with a coat of Gelous anyways.

Much Love, The Dragon Lady


  1. This looks so pretty! I really love yellow toned gold. This polish reminds e.l.f. Golden Goddess a bit.