New Dragon Lady Lacquer

I decided that Dragon Lady Lacquer was just too much of a mouthful and have shortened it to Dragon Lacquer.

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you may have already heard the news...

There are 7 different polishes in this collection:

1. Resolutionary - multi-size silver holographic glitter in a clear base for layering. Pics are shown with one coat and no top coat over red, green, white, and black. Since this polish is so glitter dense it is fully buildable. Full of sparkle like the coming New Year!

2. Go Scrooge Yourself! - multiple size/shape black glitter (bars, squares, hex) with metallic green and red hex in different sizes and red/green micro glitter in a clear base for layering.  Pics are shown with two coats and no top coat over red, green, white, and black.

3. Angel Wings - Four sizes of iridescent hex glitter , white bars and squares, small gold hex, and gold micro and gold uber-micro/shimmer glitter for layering. The pictures just don't do this one justice.  Pics are shown with two thin coats and no top coat over red, green, white, and black.

4. Rockin' Around the Xmas Tree - metallic green bar glitter with red, blue, purple, holo gold, holo silver hex and holographic micro glitter in a clear base for layering. Everything a glittery tree should be!  Pics are shown with one coat and no top coat over red, green, white, and black.

5. You're A Mean One... - In honor of my favorite holiday movie from my childhood. He's mean and green but he has a heart. Small and medium size matte neon green hex with matte red hearts in a matte clear base.

6. Melted Snowmen - Multiple sized white hex (snowman bodies), tiny black hex (coal eyes and mouth), metallic orange flakies (carrot noses), and iridescent micro glitter in a matte clear base. Poor snowmen.

7. White Christmas - matte red, white, green squares, small satin green and white hex in milky white base.

These are currently on sale in my Etsy Store Dragon Lady Lacquer. Use coupon code WINTER2012 to get 15% off your purchase.

Much Love and Happy Holidays, The Dragon Lady


My lovely PC has died on me. I am currently working on repairing it. I have narrowed down the issues to a few possibilities. Unfortunately, one of those it that my motherboard and CPU might be toast. Anyway, on said PC are all of my pics, emails, passwords, etc so it has been extremely rough. I guess you don't fully realize how much you depend on something until it breaks. I have access to a laptop but I can't edit photos on it at the moment so I only have the small file of pics that were on a flash drive. Will keep you posted as I can. I haven't forgotten about the winners of the nail contest but don't want to announce winners without being able to show their beautiful nail art. As I mentioned before, I will be adding a little something to their prizes to make up for the delay. Miss you all!

Much Love, The Dragon Lady