Deuce Beauties Review of Dragon Lacquer

Carla over at Deuce Beauties did a review of some of my Dragon Lacquer polishes. The first review of Dragon Lacquer so far. She reviewed 4 polishes for me: Nerd-a-licious (G33K Collection), Neon Ninja (Core Collection), Lovely Lilac (Spring Collection), and Zombocalypse (Zombie Collection).

You can click on any of the pictures to go check out her review/swatches.

Nerd-a-licious - Photo courtesy of Carla at DeuceBeauties
Neon Ninja - Photo courtesy of Carla at DeuceBeauties
Lovely Lilac - Photo courtesy of Carla at DeuceBeauties
Zombocalypse over Lovely Lilac - Photo courtesy of Carla at DeuceBeauties
Kind of a short post tonight as I am getting ready to leave in a few hours for a trip to the coast. I hope to have time to post a few of my mani pics from today and what I'll be wearing the next few days later tomorrow night if I can. If not, I will try and get them up when I get back on the 1st of June. Happy Lacquering all!

Much Love & Lacquer, The Dragon Lady

Leather Effects Dupe in progress

Good afternoon all! This is a quick post to show you what I was wearing yesterday. First off, I have to say that earlier this year I saw some awesome swatches of Nails Inc. Leather Effect Nail Polish in Noho over at Lacquered Lover. The down side? $25 a bottle and you can't buy it alone. Bummer. So I decided to attempt a dupe since I have the polish making supplies. Here's how it came out... "Leather-ish" is opaque in 2 coats. Shown below with 2 coats no top coat, no undies.

What do you think? Did I come close? I was afraid it would end up super-textured but it ended up with a subtle texture and way shinier than I expected. Now I am kicking myself for not mattifying this before I removed it. Maybe next time. 

Much Love & Lacquer, The Dragon Lady

Subtle Pink Gradient with Stamping

I decided to play with my mani from last night. I did a sponge gradient and because it's been awhile totally failed at take pics of what it looked like before the stamping. Sorry. Anyway, since I used Sinful Colors Cotton Candy for my mani yesterday, I decided to do my gradient with Cotton Candy and her sister, Sugar N Spice. It only took two rounds of sponging to achieve the look I was going for.

I said the other day (Wednesday?) that I missed stamping so I went through my stamping plate collection and found a design I liked and hadn't used before. I used the large swirly design from m51 Konad plate and stamped with Color Club Miss Bliss, an awesome pink holographic polish.

On a side note, now that school is over for the semester, I finally have some time to wade through the 2 TB of data I recovered from my destroyed PC a few months ago. I hope to be able to recover a couple of reviews I was working on, a handful of posts,  and a ton of pictures including the photos from my nail art contest. Thanks to all of you for sticking around through the random & scant posts and failed PC.

Much Love, The Dragon Lady

Sinful Colors Cotton Candy

I thought I'd start out my return to blogging with one of the untrieds I nabbed sometime in spring. This is Sinful Colors Cotton Candy from the Sugar Rush collection. I grabbed up several of the polishes from this collection.

I usually love Sinful Colors but I was a little disappointed in this one. Not for the color, I love the color and the pretty little shimmer flecks in it. No, I was disappointed because the first coat went on semi-transparent and streaky. After letting it dry for a while, I tried adding a thicker second coat...still streaky and semi-transparent. So I let that coat dry and added a third thick coat. I was definitely happier with this polish at 3 coats. I topped it off with one coat of Seche Vite and went to take pictures, then I saw it. VNL, not glaring but enough that I could see it. Bummer. The other thing I noticed was that it looks a little darker than it does in the bottle.

Ah well, they can't all be perfect right? Did anyone else have this problem? Like I said, I love the color so I will probably wear it again. I'm thinking maybe some kind of nail art. I am looking at Sinful Colors Sugar n Spice (from the same collection) and I'm thinking about doing a gradient over this with the two.

Gnight all! Much Love & Lacquer ~ The Dragon Lady

Finals are FINALLY over!

So happy right now, I had 3 finals yesterday and I took my last final of the semester this afternoon. Today's final was in my Game Design class and my team & I completed our game demo and nabbed third prize in the Top Game Design out of our entire class. I did SO much game programming this semester but this video game has consumed so much of my "free" time for the last several months that I actually skipped doing my nails because of it. Crazy right?

I look forward to being able to post more frequently now that the semester is over (atleast until Fall semester starts). Too drained to post one tonight but I hope to not only paint my nails but do a little nail art as well! Man, I miss stamping...

This just might be me this weekend! 
I am also looking forward to actually playing a couple of video games I bought several months ago.

That's it for now...Gnighty all!

Much Love, The Dragon Lady

Pink Wednesday - Orly Beach Cruiser with glitter topper

For today's Pink Wednesday post, I've got Orly Beach Cruiser topped with DL Matter of Perspective. I used two coats of Beach cruiser, one coat of M.o.P. and one coat of Seche Vite.

I love the look of black and white glitter over neons! Much love & lacquer, The Dragon Lady