And the winner is...FINALLY!!

Yes, I know I total suck at being a blogger at the moment! I have left you all hanging on who won my 750+ Follower Giveaway. Life caught me up with vacation, family, the flu, and my new intern job. So this post is to let you all know I FINALLY waded through all 6,136 entries...WOW! And narrowed it down to 6,008 valid entries...and yes, I have finally picked a winner. The winner, Danielle, has been emailed as of moments ago and has 48 hours to respond before I pick another winner.

**EDIT** Danielle has responded to my email already and I will be mailing out her prize later today!

Thanks to all who follow and entered. I also want to say thanks to those of you who follow instructions and my contest rules. It made it very pleasant to be able to go through the entries and quickly remove invalid entries. I only had to removed 2 peoples entries completely. One who only had all blank entries and another who had her follower name, email and then the rest were blank. So since there was only 2, you know who you are and I have added you to my naughty list.

I hope to be back in the blogging swing of things here soon. I am settling into my internship and I hope to have a mani to post for you all tomorrow. I have a lot of Year Challenge posts to catch up on as well. Once again thanks for reading...

Much Love, The Dragon Lady


  1. Where can you see which is your GFC name? Cause when I enter a raffle I see only my second name.
    by some depends on the comment box I see my whole name and last name. And by other I was even Able to put a nick name. Is actually very confusing. Other thing is I want to change my GFC to a nickname so my full name and last name is not visible for everybody.

  2. Your GFC name is the one shown when you leave a comment (at least on this blog), it's also the name you chose if you signed up for a blogger account. Mine is DragonLady. If you need to lookup your GFC name, click the "Join this site" button at the top of my GFC widget on the top right. It will show you the name you logged into this site previously. Hope that helps! ;)

    1. Hi, thanks I just did, maybe Icequeen81 shows when they use blogger account? cause when I comment somewhere else for example today with my google account it shows my whole name.