Nail Mail and July's Haul (So far)

So this month when pay day hit, I paid rent, bills, and of course hit the stores to find some new polish for inspiration. I recently got the stuff I ordered online so I figured I'd do a haul post. If you noticed I didn't do a June haul post because we dropped over $400 on a repair for the van on our Fort Bragg trip. Sucked big time. No spending money, not much left for polish buying either. So I kind of made up for it this month. LOL!

Each of the eight color has a different magnetic lid

MASH and Bundle Monster 2012 plates

So I guess I really only have one question for you...which one would you like to see first? LOL! ;)
I also realized tonight that I have passed 1000 followers recently...yep, you know what that means! Keep an eye out for a giveaway soon and thank you all for reading!!!

Much Love, The Dragon Lady


  1. wow! Amazing. I don´t even know what I would like to see first :D

  2. Wow so many nice polishes! I want to see swatches of the new Essies.

  3. Wow. I would LOVE to see your nail polish collection! :p

  4. Awesome haul! I agree with the lady above: Essies!