My lovely PC has died on me. I am currently working on repairing it. I have narrowed down the issues to a few possibilities. Unfortunately, one of those it that my motherboard and CPU might be toast. Anyway, on said PC are all of my pics, emails, passwords, etc so it has been extremely rough. I guess you don't fully realize how much you depend on something until it breaks. I have access to a laptop but I can't edit photos on it at the moment so I only have the small file of pics that were on a flash drive. Will keep you posted as I can. I haven't forgotten about the winners of the nail contest but don't want to announce winners without being able to show their beautiful nail art. As I mentioned before, I will be adding a little something to their prizes to make up for the delay. Miss you all!

Much Love, The Dragon Lady

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  1. man that sucks! both of our computers were out of commission for awhile last week.. took almost a week to get my boyfriend's computer working again. Not fun! Will definitely be backing up our files more often now. Hope you get things fixed soon.