Devil's Night

First off, Happy Devil's Night (aka night before Halloween) to all. I am so sorry that I haven’t been posting more often. Between my birthday on the 9th, my middle daughter’s birthday on the 11th, 2 weeks of midterms (apparently one of my teachers enjoys prolonging the pain), regular homework, fixing computers for family, and of course my hubby and 3 kids…well, let’s just say I’ve been a wee bit busy.

I have pics of my birthday haul (I love my hubby!) and some swatches to post so here goes…

First up birthday haul…

Konads, fauxnads, and polish…OH MY!

Of course, now my swatch bin run-ith over...

Next up some of those Halloween 2011 polishes from Wet n Wild (including their Fantasy Makers) and the cute little pumpkin polishes.

For these swathes please refer back to beginning of this post and kindly ignore my horrible cuticles and messy application. I‘d appreciate it. LOL

Pumpkin polishes from Blue Cross
The 3 glow-in-the –dark polishes I got gave great glow…in the bottle. Not so much on the nail, not much color either. Cute bottles but pretty disappointing polish. All of them were thick and hard to apply, nothing much but meh. The Fantasy Makers glow-in-the-dark polish was smooth to apply and the best one of the 4.

The clear base with the holo moons and black & bronze hex glitter looked hopeful but sadly there was way more base then glitter. Two coats (and much placement attempts) and not much coverage. Another meh.

The metallic orange hex and bar glitter one was definitely the best out of the ones I got. Two coats gave a decent coverage, not great but decent. Kind of wishing now that I’d swatched these before I bought the cute little snowmen ones they just came out with….here’s hoping they are better than these were.
Shown with 2 coats

Fantasy Makers

Shown below is Creepy Pumpkin (orange glitter jelly) and Black Magic (black jelly base with orange glitter. The middle finger in the picture below is two coats of Black Magic with one coat of Creepy Pumpkin. Didn't get to swatch Purple potion as the bug-bug bailed with it. It is however, a translucent black jelly base with bright purple glitter. Like the purple version of Black Magic. I loved these polishes and plan to use Creepy Pumpkin in m Halloween mani.

All are shown with 2 coats

Much love, The Dragon Lady


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