Hello, my name is the Dragon Lady…and I am a polish addict.

Unlike many of the people that do these nail polish blogs, my nails and cuticles are a wreck. I am a mother of three young girls. My oldest, “Sunshine” is 11 years old. My middlest, “Sweetie Pie” is almost 9. Last but not least, my youngest, “Love Bug” aka “Bug-bug” just turned two years old. I am also a full-time college student and no, I’m not becoming a cosmetician. I am a techie, a geek, I build PCs and tear them apart and play with their parts. So between my family, the housework, the yard work (hubby is a horticulturist) and schoolwork, I am usually too exhausted to do much more than slap a new color on my nails, maybe a design or konad or two (if time permits) then head to bed.

This Dragon Lady turns 33 in less than a week and I have decided that I must make time for me and the little things that make me happy…like nail polish. Unfortunately, disaster struck and I managed to snap the ends off of 4 of 5 nails on my left hands and managed to snag and tear 3 on my right. My nails are very thin (always have been) and are extremely hard to grow. So if anyone has any tips or tricks for growing healthy, thicker nails PLEASE let me know. I am tempted to head to the salon and try out a little gel overlay of my real nails just for strength and protection purposes. Has anyone used gels before? I am wondering how they wear, I hear they are better than acrylics for sure...more research needed I believe.

So you will mostly be seeing my nails, but I will also be throwing on pictures of my daughters’ nails and possibly even my mother’s as we are trying to start a weekly mother/daughter mani day so we can spend more time together.

Much love, The Dragon Lady


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