Missing You All

I haven't posted in awhile for several reasons. One being the loss of my computer back in December, CPU melt down definitely affects blogging. I have finally been able to order the parts needed to rebuild my PC and even gave her some upgrades in the process. I hope to have the parts by next weekend and have her put together soon too. 

Another reason I have been lagging behind on posting is that I have been very ill off and on for the past few months. I had the flu for 7 and a half weeks, was okay for a few days then got a nasty sinus infection that then migrated into my lungs for a few weeks. I managed to fight that off and felt okay for a few days and then on the first day of class for the new Spring semester I started getting another sinus headache. Within hours I felt miserable again, I am now in the second week of this illness which is in my lungs once again and my doctor has me on a strict regime of a hardcore antibiotics for 21 days, steroids for 10, and I am awaiting the results of my x-rays. He is concerned that I am not able to get rid of the infection completely and so it just springs back up. I hope to finally be over this prolonged illness soon and be back blogging soon.

I have not given up on this blog or my love of polish and I have been buying and making polish to share with you soon. You can see some mini swatches of my custom polish here. I will be looking for some lovely bloggers who would like to do some polish reviews/swatches for me as well. I will not be adding any new polish to my etsy store until I am feeling better but I am offering free shipping on what is already listed with coupon LOVE013. I have been buying up polish for the last few months and have a huge box of new polish that I can't wait to share... just moments ago bought the new Color Club Halo Hues off amazon.com. Can't wait to play with those too. I also have a handful of lovely polishes from llarowe to play with as well. 

Hope to be blogging soon. Much Love, The Dragon Lady


  1. hope you feel better soon! that's a long time to not be feeling well :(

    for future reference, this helps kill sinus infection, bronchitis and probably some other things. not sure if it would help now, but anyway: drink 1 Tablespoon cider apple vinegar mixed in a cup of hot water, add some honey for taste. drink a few times through out the day. Helped get rid of my bronchitis a few months ago!

  2. Feel better soon! Hopefully the meds will knock it out definitively.

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