XOXO mini post

Hello my lovelies! Glad to finally report that my pc is now 95% functional! I am still attempting to recover a few things and going through the not-so-fun process of putting "things" back where they go. I think after so long of not regularly posting I will be starting back a bit slowly at first. I am going to try to post at least once a week but of course I am shooting for more. I haven't decided if I am going to pick a certain day to post every week or go freestyle.

Here is a little mini post of my own XOXO (Hugs & Kisses) from my Etsy store Dragon Lacquer. XOXO contains metallic glitter in a translucent pink base. Shown with one coat over a white base with no top coat.

One coat over white base

Macro bottle shot
I hope you enjoyed! Since I am pretty new to the whole indie polish making crowd, I have been doing all the swatching of my polish for my store myself. I am, however, looking for some fellow bloggers to help ease my swatching "burden"....so...if you are a blogger who posts more regularly than I have been and have at least 100-200 followers and would like to do a review of my nail polish, cuticle oil, or my soon to be released hand creme & cuticle butter, please shoot me an email over at dragonlacquer@gmail dot com. Please provide me a link to your blog as well.

Much love (and more blogging soon), The Dragon Lady


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