Christmas Eve Mani

It's tradition in my hubby's family to open gifts from family on Christmas Eve and then open gifts from Santa on Christmas Day. So we've been busy eating buffet style food including the most awesome meatballs in a mushroom gravy (YUM!) and opening gifts. Just got the older kids to bed and am fighting the 2 year old who is currently running (and I do mean running) through the house with her 2 & a half year old cousin...and now my hubby just informed me that my oldest is puking, so I need to go. Will post pics if I get a chance, if not I hope you'll all understand. My poor "Sunshine"~the flu is a crappy Christmas gift...crap, now he's puking too.

Check this out if you get a chance, absolutely awesome "Twas the Night Before Christmas" mani story by Canadian Nail Fanatic.

Much Love, Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas to all~The Dragon Lady


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