Day 1: Red Nails

First off I have to say that being a natural redhead, I've always been told (usually by my redheaded mother) that, "Redheads don't wear red." Mostly because it clashes with our hair and/or make us look rather sickly in contrast. Over the years though, I have realized that we redheads are not FORBIDDEN red, but must rather find a red that "likes" us. I rather like burgundy and it has always liked me. Rust-reds like me but I'm not really a fan of most of them. Orangey reds are right out as we horribly dislike one another. The plum/blue/purple tone reds and I also get along quite well. Now we come to the classic RED red, that bright "I'd recognize you anywhere" red, I always thought she was pretty but to me well, she's kind of a bitch.  LOL

So, basically what I am trying to say, I own only a few red polishes. I own 8 (not counting my clear base, red glitters). One of them a very pretty, shimmery and glittery, unnamed bitchy red. My newest polish acquisition, Orly Rock-It, has me bummer that I only get to wear it for a day. OMG, I LOVE THIS RED!!! It is kind of a burgundy & crimson, blood red that looks great with my pale skin and my red hair, my mother actually told me I need a dress in this color. Ha ha! In some light it has a gold flash, others a pink, or nothing but itself.

Gold flash

Pink flash


Sunlight (best pic of true color)

 This polish is awesome! Until tomorrow...

Much Love, The Dragon Lady


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