Day 7: BLACK & WHITE nails

Well, I really like how this mani looks. I made my first two frankens and used them, unfortunately I seem to be fighting with my camera to be able to capture even a fracture of the awesomeness of these frankens. So I will edit this post tomorrow, hopefully to post some decent pictures before I switch to my rainbow nails. As for the 31 day challenge, I think I will be taking a break after day 10 and will pick it up in January 2012. There is a short 12 Days of Christmas I'd like to try, plus finals, one of the kids needs help with a report due in like a week, plus the vacation around the 28th to the coast. I think I will enjoy finishing this 31 day challenge more if I give myself some breathing room. I am not saying I won't try to post daily still, I just feel like playing with some wintery/Christmasy mani ideas while it's the season. Hope this doesn't disappoint anyone.

**UPDATE** Kinda sorta got some pictures to work. These really don't show the opal like qualities of these two polishes but you can kind of see it in the black polish. I think I need to build a light box.

Bottle macro

Nail macro

Bottle macro

Nails macro

Much Love, The Dragon Lady


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