Subtle Pink Gradient with Stamping

I decided to play with my mani from last night. I did a sponge gradient and because it's been awhile totally failed at take pics of what it looked like before the stamping. Sorry. Anyway, since I used Sinful Colors Cotton Candy for my mani yesterday, I decided to do my gradient with Cotton Candy and her sister, Sugar N Spice. It only took two rounds of sponging to achieve the look I was going for.

I said the other day (Wednesday?) that I missed stamping so I went through my stamping plate collection and found a design I liked and hadn't used before. I used the large swirly design from m51 Konad plate and stamped with Color Club Miss Bliss, an awesome pink holographic polish.

On a side note, now that school is over for the semester, I finally have some time to wade through the 2 TB of data I recovered from my destroyed PC a few months ago. I hope to be able to recover a couple of reviews I was working on, a handful of posts,  and a ton of pictures including the photos from my nail art contest. Thanks to all of you for sticking around through the random & scant posts and failed PC.

Much Love, The Dragon Lady


  1. This looks really great! I love the subtle stamping!

  2. Very pretty!
    Did you ever announce the winners of your giveaways ages ago? :/

    1. My daughters and I had chosen but then the computer crashed with the pictures and info. That's what I'm hoping to recover, that way I can ship out their prizes with some added bonus items to make up for the delay.