Finals are FINALLY over!

So happy right now, I had 3 finals yesterday and I took my last final of the semester this afternoon. Today's final was in my Game Design class and my team & I completed our game demo and nabbed third prize in the Top Game Design out of our entire class. I did SO much game programming this semester but this video game has consumed so much of my "free" time for the last several months that I actually skipped doing my nails because of it. Crazy right?

I look forward to being able to post more frequently now that the semester is over (atleast until Fall semester starts). Too drained to post one tonight but I hope to not only paint my nails but do a little nail art as well! Man, I miss stamping...

This just might be me this weekend! 
I am also looking forward to actually playing a couple of video games I bought several months ago.

That's it for now...Gnighty all!

Much Love, The Dragon Lady


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