Sinful Colors Cotton Candy

I thought I'd start out my return to blogging with one of the untrieds I nabbed sometime in spring. This is Sinful Colors Cotton Candy from the Sugar Rush collection. I grabbed up several of the polishes from this collection.

I usually love Sinful Colors but I was a little disappointed in this one. Not for the color, I love the color and the pretty little shimmer flecks in it. No, I was disappointed because the first coat went on semi-transparent and streaky. After letting it dry for a while, I tried adding a thicker second coat...still streaky and semi-transparent. So I let that coat dry and added a third thick coat. I was definitely happier with this polish at 3 coats. I topped it off with one coat of Seche Vite and went to take pictures, then I saw it. VNL, not glaring but enough that I could see it. Bummer. The other thing I noticed was that it looks a little darker than it does in the bottle.

Ah well, they can't all be perfect right? Did anyone else have this problem? Like I said, I love the color so I will probably wear it again. I'm thinking maybe some kind of nail art. I am looking at Sinful Colors Sugar n Spice (from the same collection) and I'm thinking about doing a gradient over this with the two.

Gnight all! Much Love & Lacquer ~ The Dragon Lady

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