Fav or Franken Friday - Valentine's Edition

Sorry for both the late post and the late start for the Valentine's Day manicures. I decided to do something very girlie for my first one. I had yet to make any frankens for Valentine's Day so I sat down and made several. Almost all of them are basically glitter topcoats to compliment my collection of pinks and reds.

I used Color Club Sugar Sheer (light baby pink), stamped with China Glaze Emotion (metallic rosey-pink), and one of my new frankens, Sweetie, on the rest. Now as the name implies, Sugar Sheer is, well, sheer. It took three good coats to get even coverage. I used 2 coats of Sweetie on all but the accent nail. For the accent nail, I stamped using the xoxo image from the SE20 plate. SE20 is a new plate for me so I tried stamping on a 3 x 5 card about 12 times before I got a decent, clean pickup. I placed it on my nail then grabbed a topcoat and *DOH* wrong one! I grabbed the one that smears the stamps. Oh well!

Sweetie - bottle macro

I'll try to catch up on the V-day manis and post a few more over the next couple days. Bedtime for now though. Sweet dreams!

Much Love, The Dragon Lady