Random Post

Ok, more proof my animals are just strange...

Looks like we killed them and lined them up to see whose was bigger

See, I walked into our living room to this....synchronized cat napping? WTH? I mean really!

Super Cats to the rescue!

Up, up and away!

LOL, just thought I'd share! Much Love, The Dragon Lady

P.S. Will post my Pink Wednesday mani in a bit!


  1. That's so awesome! I love animal posts. Thanks for brightening up my evening.

  2. Hillarious! More kitty spam please!!

  3. Your cats are adorable! I have two cats (adopted from the street) and one of them likes to sleep like that ^_^

  4. AHAHAHAH!!! I was loving the photos and the last one really got me! XD This is hilarious! XD

  5. AHAHAHHAHA.. how adorable!!! maybe i can train my 2 to do that too ehhehe

  6. hehe great! I adore cats, dogs.. every animal :) my little maltese had a bath today and still is angry at me =)