Valentine's Day Mani - part 2 (FAIL)

Ok I wasn't going to post this one but figured "Eh, why not!" It "looked" so much cooler in my head. I started off with Orly Au Champagne (2 coats), one coat of Seche Vite, then stamped with Konad Special Polish in red and green using m65. Excuse the crappy lighting, I didn't like it enough to haul out the lightbbox.

I am calling it a FAIL because even though it turned out okay, it reminds me of Christmas rather than Valentine's Day. So, I may try this again later using different colors and maybe it will work better for V-Day.

Much Love, The Dragon Lady

P.S. If you noticed the band-aid, I got a pretty nasty cut from a fauxnad plate as I was removing the protective plastic cover. I'll be doing a review of those plates soon and will go into detail then.

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