Untried Tuesday: Neeka & Motley

For today's Untried Tuesday I figured I play with one of the two Zoyas I recently got. These are very my first 2 Zoyas! I have to admit that when I ordered Neeka I was expecting a lighter polish, kind of a lighter dusty purple with gold flecks. Although she turned out a bit darker than I expected I still like her, especially as a matte (*Facepalm* I forgot to take a picture of Neeka with Matte top coat). Neeka went on smooth, and was almost a one coater! I went ahead and did two coats. There was no dragging and the formula was perfect! However, she just didn't do it for me in my current mood. I wanted something more sparklie so I contemplated my glitter polish collection, then came across the flakie polishes in my drawer.

Zoya Neeka - two coats (lightbox)

I thought that the blue & green flakes in Motley would compliment Neeka's dusty purple quite well. I wasn't wrong although in some of these pictures Neeka appears almost black.Please excuse the crappy clean up job it was 1:30 in the morning.

Neeka 2 coats (lightbox)

Neeka + 1 coat of Motley (lightbox)

Neeka + 2 coats of Motley (lightbox)

Neeka + Motley + Matte (lightbox)


I really like Neeka with Motley mattified! Technically Motley is an almost untried for me - I swatched it on one nail in an earlier post, but this is the first time I have really used it. I wanted to show you how this looks in the sun, unfortunately my chunk of "sunny" California isn't sunny at the moment. It's overcast and raining! If the sun comes out I'll be sure to snap some pics and upload them!

Much Love, The Dragon Lady


  1. Your Neeka looks a lot darker than my Neeka! It's a beautiful colour though :D

  2. Ooooh, that is a really interesting combination! I love interesting polishes, and of course anything flakey or glittery!