DLN 1000+ Follower Giveaway!!!

Here it is, the DragonLadyNails 1000+ Follower Giveaway! Just my way of showing my appreciation to all my lovely readers! It will run from today 9/15 through 9/30. There will be two prizes for this giveaway:


Color Club Polish in Cadillac Red, Sugar Sheer, In Bloom, Catwalk Queen, Overboard, Rev'd Up, and Trippie Hippie, as well as four nail art striping tape (blue, white, red, gold), and the Salon Express Nail Stamping Set (5 image plates, a scraper, and a stamper).


Color Club Polish in Covered in Diamonds, Hot Couture, Sugar Plum Fairy, Magic Attraction, Gingerbread, Beyond the Mistletoe, as well as four nail art striping tape (blue, white, red, gold), and the Salon Express Nail Stamping Set (5 image plates, a scraper, and a stamper).

You MUST be a follower via GFC to enter. The giveaway starts 9/15/2012 and ends on 9/30/2012 at midnight and is open INTERNATIONALLY unless your country doesn't accept the shipping of cosmetics!!! I'm not responsible for customs charges in your country and I'm not responsible for the package once I've shipped it. Winner will be contacted by email after the giveaway ends. If you are under the age of 18 you must have your parents’ consent. Also, prizes will be shipped without packaging to reduce shipping costs.

**All prizes/products are brand new, never used or swatched, and purchased with my own money.**

If you have any questions contact me at dragonladynails@gmail.com.

Now my rant...
  • Please follow directions!
  • Erroneous/fraudulent entries will be removed.
  • More than 1 fraudulent will get all of your entries removed.
  • Fraudulent entries will get you completely disqualified.
  • Fraudulent entries & disqualification from 2 different giveaways and will get you banned from future giveaways.
Grounds for disqualification:
  • Entering more than once (both sets will be removed)
  • Not being a GFC follower (this includes leaving the GFC name blank)
  • If you are caught entering GFC name, email, and the rest are fraudulent entries in more than one giveaway – I will forever ban you from my giveaways (dishonesty is a HUGE dislike for me, it’s not fair to the followers who actual do stuff for those entries and you just click enter, enter, enter and hope I don’t check….well, I do. Every. Last. Entry.)

I have said this before I'm sure these rules sound harsh but they are there for those followers who actually do the requested activities to earn those entries. I have also changed around some of the entry options as you will notice. I also added the option to host a copy of this giveaway's Rafflecopter widget in a post for 25 bonus entries. You can combine this with the blog post bonus entry and get 30 bonus entries for one blog post. 

Okay, enough of that onto the Rafflecopter widget!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks again to my 1000+ Followers!! Much Love, The Dragon Lady

P.S. Please click here to vote for my contest entry. Thanks!


  1. seriosly I hope I have left the correct gfc name.
    By some blogs it appears as Icequeen81 (Google) other my entire name appears.

  2. Entered. Amazing giveaway. Thank you :)

  3. what is it 'GFC' ?

  4. The link for Rafflecopter widget is incorrect. I put the one it leads to, but the widget says it's a different giveaway, that has already ended.

    1. Thanks, I guess it didn't save it when I updated it from last time. Should be working now! ;)

    2. Could you give it here? Since I already did that entry, I cannot check the link now..

    3. Sure thing, Hon! Here it is:


  5. Hey!
    About 2-3 months ago I'll follow, I love your blog!
    As xstrawberrykissx'll follow, I am linkinpark90 google.
    And congratulations on your many followers! :))

  6. Just voted for your mani, thank you for the giveaway!!!

  7. Great giveaway! *_*
    Enter me please

    GFC: Francesca
    FB: Francesca Biondina
    Email: redicoppe(at)inwind(dot)it

    I hope to win... finger crossed! ;)

  8. entered thanks ^^
    GFC Francesca Scirpoli


  9. Entered!!!Thanks =)
    gfc: dede81
    email: frale81@gmail.com

  10. I have entered the giveaway and followed your rules :) I'm Grazia Camilleri on GFC, Graziella Camilleri on Facebook and @shiningstar013 on Twitter ;) my email is miss_devil_in_training@hotmail.com

    Thanks :D!!

  11. Thanks!! i didnt do take all the entries because i dont have bloglovin for exapample. do i have to do it? if i do i will create an account. Just tell me

    Thanks again

  12. Entered! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway :)

  13. Entered!!! Thank you for this giveaway!! it's awesome!!!