Neon Pink, Hello Kitty, and Mini-Haul

I just wanted to post a quick one to show you what I was wearing. It an unnamed neon pink with a silver shimmer. I wore this just by itself yesterday but last night after my day of errands I decided it "needed" something. Stamps! I just received a few new stamping plates with some Hello Kitty designs (ordered them to do my little ones nails for her b-day). I decide to test them out on myself too. Here's what I did.

I used two HK images and a whole nail polka-dot from the QA12 image plate which I bought off I think it turned out pretty cute and I'll probably wear this mani until tomorrow. Nothing like a little stamping to extend that manicure one more day! ;)

Here's a little pic of my mini-haul today from my local Sally Beauty aka My Addiction Supporter. It was time to renew my membership and yes, I bought more polish. I'll have to update the Polish Stash list here pretty soon.

Much Love, The Dragon Lady