Sinful Colors Sinfully Magnetic

As some of you know Sinful Colors has now jumped onto the magnetic bandwagon and released a magnetic line called Sinfully Magnetic. I found a display of them at my local Rite Aid, that contained 6 or 7 colors (sorry, forgot to actually count them). They retail for $4.99 which I was bummed about because it's Sinful Colors and they are usually cheaper. As for the colors, some of them looked pretty close to the colors we have been seeing in the magnetic polishes for months. The dark green, dark purple, dark charcoal gray, silver, dark blue, etc. I almost walked away from the display but as I was standing up glitter caught my eye...yup glitter. Captivate Me, definitely captivated me. It's a wine colored polish with small, holographic micro glitter.

After finding one with glitter I searched all the colors on display carefully and while no others in that display had glitter one, Polar Opposites (a light gun metal-ish gray), has a blue to purple duo-chrome shimmer to it - hard to tell for sure but it might actually be a green to blue to purple. I scored both of these and grabbed up a spare of each to use in a future giveaway.

What do you think of these? Has anyone else found any glitter/shimmer magnetic polishes? Much Love, The Dragon Lady


  1. Those look like they could be pretty! I love to see glitters in magnetic polish, they add a special something!
    Out of the magnetic polishes in my collection I have a few with sparkles:
    Layla - Silver Galaxy:
    Layla - Glamour Lilac: a green/purple duochrome, no pics yet!
    Icing MagnetiX: <- 3 of those have shimmer in them, the black being like a silver microglitter.
    Hope that helps!

  2. It will be interesting to see how well they perform, I'm useless with magnetics, truly useless so it would be great to see one that idiot proof hehe
    The magnets with these seem larger, which may be easier.

  3. Polar opposites is sooo prettyyy! and the design gives off a darkbluishglitter witha purpleish kind of shadow. it looks sooo pretty in the light.iput little rhinestones in the middle where the design is a circle. i love it so muchh! i have 2 of them

  4. Ulta has Layla magnetics and there is one silver magnetic glitter polish :)

  5. have you done any swatches yet?? I have picked these up and put them back so many times!!