Easter Mani #2 - Easter Water Marble Skittles

Okay, first off I feel the need to say that I have only water marbled a couple of times and the last time was back in September 2011. That said, ready for my newest attempt? LOL! Of course, if you don't zoom it's not too bad! ;)

I used China Glaze Dance Baby, Sinful Colors (an unnamed light yellow), Color Club Twiggie, Sinful Colors Cinderella, and Sinful Colors Zeus. I used two colors at a time and used one of those colors with another on the next nail. The swoops and design came out okay but I guess I was having trouble with the water temperature? It's very cold were I live right now, so I was using filtered water warmed up and it was either too warm or too cold for my attempt. I tried several times (3?) and this was the best one. Dang those stupid air bubbles! They totally messed it up! Oh well.

I tried a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust to see if that hid the bubbles a bit....not so much!

Then I tried one coat of Wet n Wild Kaleidoscope, that did a better job but also kind of covered up some of the water marble pattern. These water marbles might have to wait until summer. =(

Much Love, The Dragon Lady


  1. I totally envy your marbling result!
    I tried it a couple days before, and the marble won't come out nicely :/

  2. I think I will try out som marbling today!

    Yours look awesome!