Still here!

Sorry my posts have become kind of sporadic lately. I have a life, shocking I know! ;) Currently I am trying to catch up some Computer and Networking Security Labs from the 2 weeks I missed when the baby and I were sick. I am also trying to catch up Unit 2 and 3 in Access 2010. If any of you deal with Access on a regular basis, I know you feel my pain! Good news is I am most of the way through that Unit 2 in Access and then I'll be "on schedule" with finishing my units before the semester ends. Still working trough those labs but I'll have some time to catch up on Monday as my teacher cancelled class that morning.

What does this mean for you? I am hoping it means I'll be able to sneak a Pink Wednesday post in tomorrow and possibly a 750 Follower Giveaway post as well! If I'm super lucky and my posting break happens during a certain toddler's nap time, I might even get to do my 52 Week Dotticure challenge post too.

Much Love, The Dragon Lady


  1. It's awesome to hear from you and good luck on everything you are catching up with :)

  2. Well good luck on catching up... I cannot stand databases at all! I use Access at work for keeping track of employees and their user IDs and stuff like that. Our database actually needs updated because some of the systems that exist on the form are no longer in use.

    Anyways, I got my Master's in Information Systems and had to do those types of classes. I know your pain. I prefer networking out of all of it.

    Thankfully I can show off my girly side with cool hair, make-up, and nails :)

  3. I understand your pain and lol @ the part about having a life, shocking I know
    Btw, I prefer networking too, rest is more of a pain!