Swatch & Review Saturday: Wet n Wild Chrome Hog-Quartz School

Natural light

I picked this up yesterday even though I am currently on a No-Buy for the month of April. There were several other colors in the display. Here's the picture of a Wet n Wild Chrome display from Nouveau Cheap, this is the picture that had me grabbing my wallet and keys and heading out the door.

As you can see from the picture, there is 2 blues (a light and dark), a green, a pink, a light purple, a gold, a bronze, and a silver. After finding the display case at my local Rite Aid, I was a little disappointed to see that the blues, and the pink looked like dupes of the Color Club foils (Lumin-icecent, Cold Metal, & Hot Like Lava) which I already have so I didn't need. I'm not really a gold wearer so I passed on that one too. I thought about grabbing the copper one because I don't have a copper foil (still might go back for it). I had the silver one in hand and realized it was a warm, gold-toned silver or a cool-toned gold however you want to call it, so that went back to the display as well. The green is a brighter yellow toned green so it's not a match to Color Club's green foil, Perfect Mol-Ten so I may make another excuse to go and retrieve that one as well. There was one bottle of the bunch though, that I absolutely knew was coming home with me and that was Hog-Quartz School, a lavender foil. Notice I call them foils not chromes. To me a chrome is smooth and more reflective, these are not. They are frosty like foils.

Now I feel I should mention that these aren't normal Wet n Wild price, they retail for $3.99 a bottle. If they'd been $1.99 I probably would have just grabbed them all! Also, the bottles are small, not mini small but somewhere between mini and regular sized. Again if they'd been full sized I may have bought more. Anyway, I went to put this beautiful looking polish on this morning and was surprised to see how thick it was (maybe it's just my bottle, I don't know) and the brush was kind of crappy and flared a lot at the end. Surprisingly though, I applied just wonderfully. Go figure! It went on smoothly with no hiccups and was opaque in 1 coat, but I gave it 2 just out of habit. There was no dragging or bare spots and it actually dried pretty quickly on it's own. I also tossed on a coat of Seche Vite (not photographed) to see if it changed the look at all and it doesn't. Also unlike chromes, this polish didn't show every little flaw which is nice.


I tried to mattify this mani but it was almost impossible to tell that it was matte. Also, my light box hates this polish, I don't know why. The true color shot is the top most one taken outside with an overcast sky. The ones in the lightbox make it seem a dustier lavender.

Final thoughts, if you have the Color Club foils you may want to run out and snag the non-duped colors and if you don't I'd recommend grabbing them up while they last. I hear these babies are Limited Editions. =(

Much Love, The Dragon Lady


  1. Have you tried this nail polish for stamping?
    I like metallic colors that can double as stamping nail polishes.

    1. I haven't tried stamping with it yet, maybe I'll try tomorrow between classes. ;) i'll let you know how it works!