Giveaway update

Sorry it took so long, but I have finally finished checking the entries from my 200-500 follower giveaway. Out of 5559 entries, only 4237 were valid entries. Before you bust out your calculators, that’s 1322 entries removed. Most of you didn’t have any invalid ones, a handful had only 1, but there were 28 people who got all their entries disqualified because they just clicked enter over and over and didn’t actually do anything else or weren’t a GFC follower, etc. Also for those of you with blogs, please leave blog posts, sidebar posts, giveaway page posts, etc up until you see the giveaway results post from the blogger doing the giveaway. Some of us have lives, kids, school, work, etc. and cannot get around to checking these things on the day the giveaway ends. I had to delete a handful of entries because the post was gone – no proof, no entry. Bummer.

It’s been a rough week at school, and I have been at it all day checking entries, so I am beat. I will be picking and emailing the 5 winners first thing in the morning so be watching your emails. I will post winners after I have heard back. I am still trying to decide how to dole out prizes: either first winner gets first choice & so on or first winner gets first prize. I guess it will depend on which winner I hear back from first. If the first winner emails me back right away I will let them pick if I hear from everyone else first then it’ll be the second option I guess.

I am already putting together my next giveaway to celebrate 750 followers (only 11 more to go) and I hope to get in an Easter mani or two tomorrow.

Sweet Dreams & Much Love, The Dragon Lady

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  1. It stinks when that happens with entries... I hear ya there. =( Can't wait to see who the winners are!