Giveaway Winners update

All five giveaway winners have now been emailed and I have heard back from one of them already. So a big congrats to ev @ Plisherrific for being one of the winners. Still waiting to hear back from the other four, they have 48 hours to respond before I pick a replacement winner. Not announcing who won what just yet as I may need to replace someone (I hope not!) and if that's the case the person below them in the picking order.

I will post the winners' names once they have responded on the Rafflecopter widget itself. As well as probably editing the post with the names of the winners too. Okay off to edit some Easter manis and get them posted. =)

***EDIT@ 5:18pm ***
Another winner has responded, congrats to Tonya @ 31 Lacquers for being one of the winners! it's kind of funny I had no idea that either ev or Tonya had their own blogs until they responded with the link in the email (now following both btw). I know one of the other winners has one, but I will laugh (hysterically) if all five winners do. I knew their are a lot of nail bloggers out there...but wow! ;)

***EDIT@ 8:24pm ***
Another winner has reported in, congrats to Flow @ Heart's Made for being one of the winners. Flow was actually the first and I have decided to let her choose her prize. The other winners will get to choose theirs as well in order. =)

***EDIT@ 11:22pm ***
 Another winner has responded to my email, congrats to Kandistar @ LifeAsKandistar! I don't believe she has a blog, if I'm wrong please let me know and I'll correct this. Scratch that she does! ;)

***EDIT 4/8 @ 9:19pm ***
Hear back from the last winner. Congrats to Tinny! I have now heard back from all of the lovely ladies who won and as soon as the last person picks their prize I will be mailing them out. 

A HUGE thank you to all my followers. I enjoy reading all of your comments! I am trying to get better at replying as well. I am also hoping to get ahead on posts so I can play with my polish making supplies. I also have some jewelry supplies to play with as well. I am hard at work trying to get stuff together for a 750 follower giveaway as I am only a few away.

Much Love, The Dragon Lady


  1. yes I do have a blog

    1. LOL, awesome! I'm now following and I'll add it into my post. ;)

  2. yay I am confused though, were we supposed to let you know what prize we wanted? Can you email me to let me know if I was? Thanks!