I LIVE!!!!

Hello all! Still alive here and I haven't given up blogging I swear. I have been looking ALL over the place to find a replacement cable for my camera as mine is STILL missing and presumed gone forever. After checking almost every local store I finally found one for $19.99, but then they guy talked me into buying an SD card reader instead, because it's small and cheaper and if I buy a new camera reads 50 different types of cards. The techno-geek in me sided with cheaper and versatile. So I hope this means I'll be posting again by tomorrow! I also scored some righteous new polishes in some local stores, like Revlon's Whimsical at my local K-mart. Plus I got nail mail - some stamp plates and my first two Zoyas!!! So much to post about it will take a few days to get caught up.

So until later, Much Love, The Dragon Lady

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  1. I really hope that this works out, I would love to see more of your posts! :D