Week 2: French Tip Mani

Sorry for the late post. Dryer stopped working this morning, which is, of course, laundry day. I mean it won't even turn on!! *FACEPALM* So I sat down with my trusty computer geek toolbox and dismantled it, cleaned out the lint residue with a vacuum, fixed the loose wire I believed to be the issue and reassembled it. Truth time...does it work? First try! OH YEAH!! Looked at my middlest daughter who is always saying, "I can't do it." I said look at that, mommy fixed it. First time I ever opened up a dryer too. Then I asked her what would have happened if I'd have said, "I can't do it." She replied, "It'd still be broken and I wouldn't have clean clothes for school." I hope she learned something there.

Then I helped the hubby clean the yard and porch area, took all day and destroyed my hands and nails. So that required some hand and nail repair and care.

So at 12 minutes to midnight I give you my Week 2 French Tip Mani. Very simple, very quick, and very sparkly. This was two coats of Milani One Coat Glitter in Blue Flash on the tips. It coated in one but was still a bit thin for me so I did another. I also did two coats of Seche Vite.

I can't wait to see this in the sun tomorrow!

Here are the others doing this 52 week challenge:

I also hope this whole "I can do it" attitude from fixing the dryer rolls over into tomorrow's weight loss challenge. I am still really looking forward to it. Speaking of which, time to go weigh in and head to bed.

Much Love, The Dragon Lady


  1. That is so pretty! I love the blue glitter!

  2. I just bought this exact same polish tonight! Lol I just did my nail art last night so I just swatched it on a fake tip but when I put on a top coat it truly cam ALIVE! What a great polish and it looks so awesome on you! I would have never thought to use it as a French tip. I just love it and you made it look so crisp. Beautiful mani!