Nail Mail & Polish Haul Pt. 1

A couple days ago I got nail mail. The first was 2 stamping plates I ordered from eBay, OB5 and OB8.

The next package was my two polishes from Zoya's free polish giveaway at the beginning of the month. Neeka and Ivanka!

Now the hauls. I have been checking out all the polish in every store I've been into from Walmart to Target to Kmart to Rite Aid to Sally's and more. I have found some very cool polishes, some are for my collection and some for future giveaways.

First up is my China Glaze haul from my local Sally's.

Yes, these are metallic crackles. I scored them in the discount bin for only $2.99. Believe it or not, I am a crackle polish virgin. Yup, I have never tried them. I thought they looked like chipped polish and why in heck would someone want that! I buy them for my older two daughters because they love them, and I will admit that I have seen some very cool looking manis done with crackles so I may have to play around with them one of these days.

I know that many of you ladies know who this lady and her twin are. Yes, it's For Audrey. No, I don't need two. Keep an eye out for this in a future giveaway. 

 I loved these four colors. All of them are beautiful glass shimmers. I have an orange from Wet n Wild that matches the color scheme plus Ivanka now....I'm thinking some rainbowy manis coming soon.

Thought I'd try these out.

Stay tuned for Pt. 2....

Much Love, The Dragon Lady

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  1. AAaaaggghhhh I want to live in USA so I could buy this much nail polish for such low prizes :((