Nail Mail & Polish Haul Pt. 2

Okay, now for my Revlon mini haul.

I bought 2 of both Whimsical and Stunning. Watch for them in future giveaways.

Don't worry I bought the last 2!

I also picked up a few more Nicole by OPI polishes.

I also scored a few Milani glitter polishes...

Like these? I thought so...

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Guess it's a good thing I bought extras for giveaways then. :)

Last up are a few random polishes (these are also for future giveaways):

Thanks for looking!

Much Love, The Dragon Lady


  1. I envy you all the glitters :P

  2. Uhh these Revlon polishes look amazing xx

  3. All so preeeety!
    The Milanis look like they're lined up, ready for inspection (I think they'll pass!)

  4. I just drooled all over my desk at those milani glitters. Must. Have. Now. Where can I get my hands on them!?