Week 4: Plaid Mani

Here's the plaid mani I did for week 4 of the Year long challenge (aka 52 week challenge). I'm posting this alomst a week late because these picks have been "jailed" on my camera since the loss of my camera cable. BTW, I found a replacement cable at the Dollar Store...yep, for a buck. I'm headed back for back-ups tomorrow. LOL

This one actually fell on my father's birthday so I used him as my inspiration. His favorite color was blue, and he used to wear plaid button up short sleeve work shirts kind of like this:

For this mani I used China Glaze Bahamian Escape, Orly Stone Cold, Jordana Nail Art polish in Fine Art and Blue Abstract. I'm not all that good at freehand nail art, but I don't think it came out too bad. I definitely need some more practice but that's kind of what this challenge is all about.

Much Love, The Dragon Lady

Fellow Challengers:


  1. looks so cute, I like it. I also picked blueish colors for my plaid too. =)