Kreativ Blogger Award! *Long & Pic Heavy*

A big thanks to Kaki @ Glitter Obsession for passing me the Kreativ Blogger Award! Be sure to check out her blog if you haven't already.

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1. Name your favorite song.
This is actually a tough one for me as my favorite song(s) differ from day to day, week to week, and even moment to moment. It totally depends on my mood and/or my activity. With that said, I will have to say that my current favs are tied between LMAFO’s Party Rock Anthem and Drowning Pool’s Bodies. Yes, I realize they are completely different genres but my iPod contains just about everything except county music...and polka. LOL! From metal to classical the rest is all there. These are on today’s fav list because they are on my workout playlist and they help get me moving! ;)

2. Name your favorite dessert.
Favorite dessert…chocolate cake, chocolate truffles, chocolate mousse…seeing a pattern yet? I love just about anything chocolate!

3. What ticks me off:
Bad drivers, suicidal deer, and rude people.

Bad drivers because they give me road rage and I dislike the feeling of wanting to hunt someone down and murder them slowly because they chose not to obey traffic laws and came within a foot of ending my child’s life then gave me a dirty look like I was the one who ran a red light.

Suicidal deer because apparently where I live this is an epidemic. In the last year and half our minivan (now nicknamed “The Deer Slayer”) has ended the lives of three of them. Deer #1 – April 2011 – hit by hubby at NIGHT, days before my oldest daughter’s birthday, coming home from her softball game – totaled our van (moved the radiator into our A/C unit, destroyed passenger side headlight, dent in fender, destroyed the grill but was able to fix most of that – still has no grill and dent in fender). Deer #2 – Halloween 2011 – Whole family in the car, hubby driving – at NIGHT on the way to take our 3 daughters trick-or-treating – 0 damage to van still not sure how that happened – BTW same road as deer #1. And finally deer #3 – hit by yours truly, a week ago, coming home from a doctor appointment at 10:30 in the MORNING (WTH?) just a ¼ mile from my driveway. It and a friend jumped up a hill and jumped right in front of my van – damaged hood corner, and passenger headlight. I cried all day, it’s the first thing I have hit bigger than a squirrel. Highway patrol still hasn’t come and removed it, so I get the “joy” (insert sarcasm here) of seeing her corpse a minimum of 4 times a day just from dropping & picking up my kids from school.

And last but not least, rude people – look, everyone has crappy days but it’s up to you not to share the crappiness with others, that’s why I always try smile and be polite to the people I interact even when I don’t really want to be (unless they fall into the bad driver category, LOL). You don’t know what is going on in their life and your smile may be the ONLY thing that went right for them that day. So spread the love, not the crap…LOL, I think I need to put that on a shirt.

4. When I'm upset, I ..
I get really quiet.

5. What's your favorite pet.
My favorite pet? I have had a lot of pets so I will just go with my current lovies. We currently have 2 dogs and 3 cats.

My dog, Lukas aka Lukie aka Mucus aka Luke the Mook. He’s a German Shepard and Shar Pei mix, and a pound rescue. 

He’s…um…”special” sometimes. 


My husband’s dog, Lily aka Lila aka Lila Belle. She is a German Shepard and Lab mix and currently our only non-rescue pet.

Our oldest cat, Cute aka Count Dracula Von Cutenstein (gave him that nickname because his “fangs” stuck out, he gives love bites, and he’s black – kind of). Cute has had an "adventurous" life. He was a feral kitten outside our apartment in summer 2002. When he was about 6 weeks old his mother was hit by a car, so we rounded up him and his siblings - mainly by my husband sneaking up on them when they were sleeping - and we cleaned them up, tamed them, and found all the siblings good homes. Cute got his name because I stuck him and one of his sisters into the bath and cleaned them up - they were caked with dried blood and fleas. When I was done, I said, "There. Now you two are cute and fluffy." So my daughter (2 at the time) called him Cute and his sister Fluffy.

He's not actually black, but black with black stripes and white under fur.

Cute's next adventure was being hit by a car at 5 months old. It cracked his pelvis completely in half, and snapped the ball off his femur where it fits into the hip. The surgery to correct this was over $8000, which we could not afford, so our vet at the time suggested we "kennel" him for 8 weeks. Some small place where he couldn't move move than a few inches to his food, water, or cat box because maybe, just maybe, he'd heal on his own because he was so young. It worked but he was left with a limp that becomes more pronounced during cold weather. 

A year later, he was attacked by a neighbor's dog, and had a huge infected hole in his side. A friend and I removed the infection (a disgusting hard ball of pus), cleaned and bandaged him up. He again healed up perfectly.

He's survived being hit by a car, being attacked by the dog, and avoided being attacked by a mountain lion when he lived at my mother's for a year (it killed our other cats). Unfortunately, he was recently attacked by a bobcat that wandered onto our property. In this scuffle, he incurred a bite the the upper abdomen and lost one of his "fangs." He is healing up very nicely but I miss his "fang." We figure he's only got about 4-5 of those 9 lives left so we keep him in at night now. He's been "retired." 

White under fur

Sokar aka Sokar the Destroyer aka Sokar the Barbarian aka Soki (he’s only ever destroyed a roll of toilet paper and maybe a cat toy or 2). We believe him to be a Flame-point Siamese. He's also a pound rescue. He has to modes; Soki – sweet snuggle kitten and Sokar – cat on crack. But a seriously lazy cat, he's only active maybe a total of an hour or two a day. Notice the trend of sleeping cat pics, woke him up for the last one. LOL


Spaz aka The Spaz aka Spazarini aka Spazmister. He's also a pound rescue. Weaned to early & kneads horribly, but an excellent mouser. All around odd cat, see photographic evidence below. 

"I knows where you sleeps."


"Where's the coffee?"

6. Black or White?

7. Biggest Fear.
The unexpected (like suicidal deer) and my children’s future.

8. Every day attitude.
I am usually positive and happy, even when things aren’t going the best. I’m a glass half full kind of person.

9. What is perfection?
My three daughters. Even with their “faults” I still marvel at their perfection and the wonder of their existence.

10. Guilty pleasure?
Snuggling with my hubby, kids, and pets. Reading a good book while curled up in a blanket on my porch when it’s raining. Veggin’ out on a video game or watching my shows. Playing with polish (making and painting). – In no particular order.

7 random facts about me:
1.           My favorite saying is…”What doesn’t kill us, only makes us stronger.”
2.           I love snakes, lizards, frogs, and turtles but spiders and bugs scare the crap out of me.
3.           All of my daughters names start with the same letter, “A,” and are either unusually spelt or names you don’t hear often.
4.           Pink – my favorite color until age 9, hated it from 10-31, starting to love it again at 32. Go figure.
5.           I love video games! I play MMORPGs on my computer. The hubby and I both play video games so our house has: a  Wii, as well as Nintendo (yup my original still works), Super NES, Nintendo 64, PS1 & 2, and we are contemplating adding a 360 or PS3.
6.           I am a horrible procrastinator, but have pulled nothing but straight As through every semester in college to date.
7.           Some of my favorite TV shows to watch: Castle, Bones, 2 Broke Girls, The Big Bang Theory, Mike & Molly, & CSI:LV (although I liked it better when Grissom was still around).

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On a side note, I follow everyone who follows me and has a blog. If I missed you let me know. Also I add all the blogs I follow to my blogroll, and update it at least once a week.


  1. Thanks for the award. Will post about it soon and now following you:) ~Char

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