More Nail Mail

I forgot just how much I ordered, so it's kind of like Christmas for me at the moment. This was yesterday and today's nail mail. In this are some other things I purchased for my big follower appreciation giveaway coming in the beginning of March.

Will probably be dividing these up into a couple prizes

Shany 2012 Image Plates 25 pcs
I bought this set of Shany plates for me but if the images come out I'll order another for a giveaway, basically quality testing them. ;)

2 sets of 5 pc Double-ended Dotting tools

I needed a new clean up brush + 1 for giveaway

Nubar Sparkles Collection minus 1

Nubar’s Violet, Hyacinth, Petunia, Star, Fire, Night, and Sky Sparkle

Wheel swatches are 2 coats with no top coat
Here's a close up of Violet Sparkle and Star Sparkle, I think these two are going to be my favorites!

Nubar Violet Sparkle

Nubar Star Sparkle

If your curious about my mani in the last pic, check back tomorrow for Pink Wednesday! That's all for now. I hope to get a chance to start swatching these Nubars and some of the other polish I got this weekend.

Much Love, The Dragon Lady

Week 5: Newspaper Mani

I have never tried a newspaper mani before and had a little trouble with the newspaper I chose to use not being a good "bleeder" I guess. I don't think it turned out to bad. This was a fun mani to do and I look forward to playing around with this technique again. I totally need a gray polish though, I used a light purplish-gray creme, China Glaze Light As Air and topped it off with China Glaze Matte Magic for a more "papery" look.

Much Love, The Dragon Lady

Fellow 52 Week Challengers:

Glitter Obsession

If you are also doing this challenge and not on my list please leave a comment with your blog url and I will add you. Thanks!

200+ followers!

Wow, as I type this I am at 252 amazingly awesome followers! I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for following. I enjoy reading every one of your comments and suggestions.

Normally I would be posting a giveaway with this post but because I have two going currently and they don't end until the end of next month I am going to do something a bit different. I am going to keep buying and picking items for giveaways and I will hold one giveaway with multiple winners after these two current giveaways are over.

I am doing this as my first two giveaways are open Internationally and I want to make sure there are no shipping problems before starting a new International giveaway. I hope you all understand and are looking forward to some of the prizes I am collecting for this. Here's a few teasers....

*These pictures are from where I ordered these and more!

Sally Hansen HD polish, Milani glitters, Revlon Whimsical (and more) and still adding...

Thanks again for following and Much Love, The Dragon Lady

Nail Mail & Polish Haul Pt. 2

Okay, now for my Revlon mini haul.

I bought 2 of both Whimsical and Stunning. Watch for them in future giveaways.

Don't worry I bought the last 2!

I also picked up a few more Nicole by OPI polishes.

I also scored a few Milani glitter polishes...

Like these? I thought so...

Add caption
Guess it's a good thing I bought extras for giveaways then. :)

Last up are a few random polishes (these are also for future giveaways):

Thanks for looking!

Much Love, The Dragon Lady

Nail Mail & Polish Haul Pt. 1

A couple days ago I got nail mail. The first was 2 stamping plates I ordered from eBay, OB5 and OB8.

The next package was my two polishes from Zoya's free polish giveaway at the beginning of the month. Neeka and Ivanka!

Now the hauls. I have been checking out all the polish in every store I've been into from Walmart to Target to Kmart to Rite Aid to Sally's and more. I have found some very cool polishes, some are for my collection and some for future giveaways.

First up is my China Glaze haul from my local Sally's.

Yes, these are metallic crackles. I scored them in the discount bin for only $2.99. Believe it or not, I am a crackle polish virgin. Yup, I have never tried them. I thought they looked like chipped polish and why in heck would someone want that! I buy them for my older two daughters because they love them, and I will admit that I have seen some very cool looking manis done with crackles so I may have to play around with them one of these days.

I know that many of you ladies know who this lady and her twin are. Yes, it's For Audrey. No, I don't need two. Keep an eye out for this in a future giveaway. 

 I loved these four colors. All of them are beautiful glass shimmers. I have an orange from Wet n Wild that matches the color scheme plus Ivanka now....I'm thinking some rainbowy manis coming soon.

Thought I'd try these out.

Stay tuned for Pt. 2....

Much Love, The Dragon Lady

Week 4: Plaid Mani

Here's the plaid mani I did for week 4 of the Year long challenge (aka 52 week challenge). I'm posting this alomst a week late because these picks have been "jailed" on my camera since the loss of my camera cable. BTW, I found a replacement cable at the Dollar Store...yep, for a buck. I'm headed back for back-ups tomorrow. LOL

This one actually fell on my father's birthday so I used him as my inspiration. His favorite color was blue, and he used to wear plaid button up short sleeve work shirts kind of like this:

For this mani I used China Glaze Bahamian Escape, Orly Stone Cold, Jordana Nail Art polish in Fine Art and Blue Abstract. I'm not all that good at freehand nail art, but I don't think it came out too bad. I definitely need some more practice but that's kind of what this challenge is all about.

Much Love, The Dragon Lady

Fellow Challengers:

I LIVE!!!!

Hello all! Still alive here and I haven't given up blogging I swear. I have been looking ALL over the place to find a replacement cable for my camera as mine is STILL missing and presumed gone forever. After checking almost every local store I finally found one for $19.99, but then they guy talked me into buying an SD card reader instead, because it's small and cheaper and if I buy a new camera reads 50 different types of cards. The techno-geek in me sided with cheaper and versatile. So I hope this means I'll be posting again by tomorrow! I also scored some righteous new polishes in some local stores, like Revlon's Whimsical at my local K-mart. Plus I got nail mail - some stamp plates and my first two Zoyas!!! So much to post about it will take a few days to get caught up.

So until later, Much Love, The Dragon Lady

100+ Follower Giveaway!

Sorry I have been MIA for the last few days. Here's why...first we had a storm come through that knocked out our power, then our toddler cut herself on a piece of glass, my camera cable is missing and is not a normal connection so I can't use another cord, yesterday was my father's birthday (It would have been his 74th and is always an extremely hard day for me - we lost him almost 9 years ago and it still feels like it just happened), and last my school semester started up today. It's been a rough couple days.

I still need to do my Week 4 Plaid mani but I think that might have to wait until tomorrow or until I can find my camera cable (or replace it). I did however manage to get a few pictures of what I wanted to giveaway for my having reached 100+ wonderful followers! I am giving away Revlon's Popular, Scandalous, and Radiant - which are almost dupes of their own polishes Starry Pink, Facets of Fuchsia, and Blue Mosaic (see pics below) - these three are unused and unswatched.

Popular, Scandalous, Radiant

Left: Blue Mosaic, Right: Radiant

Left: Starry Pink, Right: Popular

Left: Facets of Fuchsia, Right: Scandalous

These new three are almost dupes of the old three.

Thanks again to all my wonderful followers. I look forward everyday to reading your great comments!!

Much Love, The Dragon Lady

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