I really can NOT believe it! To start March off, I am celebrating 500+ followers, 400+ on Facebook, almost 350 on Twitter, and have cleared 10,000+ page views and tomorrow's post will be my 100th. So many milestones all at once! Sheer craziness!!!

So to all my wonderful 500+ followers, be watching for a Follower Appreciation Giveaway as soon as I can get through these last two giveaways' entries. My first follower giveaway ended with over 2000 entries! I am almost done verifying them all and will try to post the winner first thing tomorrow. I'm so excited!!! I hope you all are too. My second giveaway ended at midnight yesterday with over 4000 entries, which is just crazy!!! My next giveaway will definitely NOT have so many optional entries NOR will I hold them open for so long.

Also my class workload at school just went from relatively easy to major overload in one shot with no warning! I have until Monday to rebuild a website from a screenshot for my web design class. Ouch! Wish me luck!

Much Love, The Dragon Lady


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