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Review: Gel Socks

I am going to review these over about a week or so. This will be a collective post so you'll be reading this after I'm all done  but I'll be writing it as a daily post. First off I should mention that I purchased these with my own money. I saw them and thought "Huh...I wonder if they really work?" So I decided to buy and review them so if you come across these and ask yourself the same question you'll know. ;)

I found these gel socks at my local Ross store and thought I'd give them a shot. I usually run around barefoot and because of that I get rough, dry heels. The instructions say you can use them with or without your favorite lotion and only have to wear them for about 20 minutes or if you want, over night. You are supposed to be able to wear them and still walk around, hence the little rubber no-slip grips on the bottom. I tried them for the first time last night, using my current favorite lotion (a lemon essential oil homemade concoction) and wore them for about 30 minutes.

I will say that when I took them off my hard, dry heels were nice and soft. I will also say that I wouldn't recommend walking around in these (at least with lotion inside), it felt like I was walking around in lotion filled plastic bags...VERY SLIPPERY!They were also pretty warm to wear so I'm not sure I'd be able to sleep in these but I am willing to try it out.


I was going to try these again the next night but my heels were still really soft so I decided to wait until the weren't any more. I did give the other pair I bought to my mother for her to try. She used them for about 30 minutes while watching TV. She did not use any lotion (she forgot she could) and her heels and feet were so soft she couldn't believe it. She wants me to find more of them so she can give them as gifts to her friends!

Finally, after such a rough week and all the running around I have done and being on my feet for so many feet are starting to show the wear. My heels and feel are again beginning to be dry and starting to harden again. So the moisturizing benefits of these gel booties seem to be good for a week or so. I do want to make note that the dryness I have after a week of not using them.

3/14/12: Okay, so here's my final answer on these...I love them! I am currently trying to see if this company makes a gel gloves for hands 'cause if they do I am SO buying them! I have already gifted my mother with a pair and am on the hunt for more of them to give as gifts and yes, maybe a giveaway prize down the road. I scored mine at my local Ross for $5.99 but according to the tag they normally retail for about $12.00 which still isn't bad. There are other brands out there for $20+ so I would totally buy these again at $12! So if you see these out there somewhere grab them!

Much Love, The Dragon Lady


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