Review: SHANY Image Plate Review – Part 1

First off I purchased these myself a few months ago and I have used a few of the images in some stamping, but I figured it was time for an all out review of all 25 plates. I bought my SHANY plates from here.

Because the are so many images all together I thought I'd do 5 plates at a time. here are the first five plates: SH01, SH02, SH03, SH04, & SH05. I am not a 100% sure of what some of these designs are on these plates but all the images below are shown one the first stamp (no test stamping) in Konad Special Polish in Black onto white 3x5 index cards.

Plate SH01:
Sexy, squares, flower, flower, stork, spider web, snowman

Plate SH02:
Scream face, fish bone, happy/sad masks, evil pumpkin, scared cat, skull & crossbones, witch on broom

Flowers, wings, dot wave?, footprints, star with scroll, swan, Santa face

Plate SH04:
Flower, penguin (duck), shell, flower?, eye of Horus, penguin (duck) girl, pinwheel design

Plate SH05:
Flower (same one as SH01), butterfly, leaves, scroll-work design, bee, loop design, flower

That's it for now, I will have more for you tomorrow. Much Love, The Dragon Lady


  1. They look very useful. I'm looking forward to seeing more of them. :)