No Hiatus!

Okay, I found out several things including that pictures 800 x 800 pixels and under are not counted toward your 1GB pic limit here on Blogger. I also discovered that becoming a Google+ member allows you to go from that 800 x 800 pixels max "free" pic to 2048 x 2048px size and under not counting toward your limit. So yep, you guessed it. I caved and now am a Google+ person. I will be resizing my pictures so that the largest side is 2048 just to get them in under that 1GB restriction. If this proves to be too much of a pain in the tush, I may try hosting all my pictures on my old photobucket account and see what that does.

So basically, NO HIATUS! Woo hoo! I'll be on later with an Untried Tuesday post for you! Also, I got the threaded comments/reply feature to work again in this custom layout.  ;) Much Love, The Dragon Lady

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  1. Hey, that is so cool about the free Google+ size! I'm on Google Plus and I didn't know that. XP Thanks for the tips and I'm glad to hear that it all worked out so quickly. =)