Final Review: SHANY Image Plates

Once again, I purchased these myself a few months ago and I have used a few of the images in some stamping, but I figured it was time for an all out review of all 25 plates. I bought my SHANY plates from here.

My final take on the SHANY image plate set, a total of 181 images from 25 plates – four of these being repeats. I have to say that the four repeated images kind of ticked me off. They couldn't make four more different images? Really? I expect the occasionally duped image among different brands of image plates but this is my first experience with dupe images in one set from the same brand. Other than that, I was happy with how most of the images came out and how easy most of them were to pick up. Most of the image were pretty crisp as well. The images themselves seemed to be deep enough that I didn't experience that “insta-dry” problem as with some other plates. It is very frustrating to scrape an image and discover it dried before you could even pick it up. Happily that wasn't the case here! I tested these plates with Konad special polish in black and also China Glaze Joy. They stamped well with both.

I was even shocked at how well some of the more detailed images came out! I would look at an image, like the last image on SH25, full nail spider webs and think, “No way! This is only going to be a partial pick up or stamp.” Then imagine my surprise when I got every single little web line. Awesome sauce!!!
I definitely think I’ll be using these plates more now that I have tested all 181 and only had issues with maybe 3, and that was fixed with a simple change of scraping direction. I have no qualms about buying a set down the road for a giveaway now. But you probably want to see some images stamped on nails, right?

Here you go, I embellished my Pink Wednesday mani with scroll work (SH03) using China Glaze Admire and then again with the scroll work butterflies (SH24 & SH12) using Konad stamping polish in black. I am loving this!

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Much Love, The Dragon Lady


  1. I think I might have to buy that set of plates.
    Although I must admit that the four dupes puzzles me too.

  2. That's a really pretty image!
    I would love to have one for myself XDD

  3. Love that mani! I read a lot of bad reviews about Shany but I thInk I may give then a second look now. Those butterflies are beautiful!