Out with the old, in with the new (to me)

Sorry for not posting yesterday or today, I owe you all a Shany plate review and year Challenge post but it's been a crazy week and even crazier weekend. I was hoping to get all this fun stuff (posting, playing with polish, make polish with my new supplies, etc) done this week and instead I did business type of stuff. I didn't even do any home work! Oy! I did manage to score a new desk (well new to me) though, and I am posting this while taking a break from setting it up. Not sure I ever posted the pics I took of my nail polish setup before but I know I took pics.

Basically the hubs and my bedroom is this weird 2nd living room style room with a bath in our rental house (aka the King of the Add-on) so our bedroom is huge, so before we had both our computer desks, a book shelf, 2 fish tanks, and our bed on one half. On the other half was some shelves for polish, my "nail desk", a table for my light box & computer repair, 2 storage towers for art supplies, and the last quarter of it we walled off and made a mini-room for the baby. her toddler bed, dresser, toy box, toy kitchen, etc.

So if you caught that, I have not one but two desks. One for each "hobby." this made it a total pain in the tush to do my nails, move to the table where the light box is, take pics, move to the other desk and post. Today at a hospice thrift store I found this monstrosity of a desk (I actually thought it was an entertainment center at first). I has 3 sets of cupboard doors you can close - to keep toddlers out for example. Unfortunately, I had to take down a set of polish shelves and the polish from these is now in the desk but I plan on chopping up an old book shelf to make more polish shelves that will work with the wall space I now have left.

As for my former "nail desk" it now happily resides in my middlest daughters room and the small computer desk will be moving into my oldest daughter's room probably tomorrow. I will need to do some serious rearranging of the rest of the room to "even" it back out but I love this thing so it was worth it. Oh did I mention I scored it for $50! Yep, the price made me love it a little more. =)

Ok, enjoy some old "nail desk" setup pics and hopefully I'll be able to post some new ones tomorrow. Keep in mind these were taken on Christmas aka over 200+ polishes ago. Hmmm, 200+ polish in 3 months...the first step in dealing with addiction is admitting you have a problem, right? LMAO

Top shelf of main storage
Middle shelf of main storage

Bottom shelf of main storage
Metallics & foils I also use for stamping

Desk, corner of table, & more polish storage (white drawers)
 Inside my old nail desk there were 3 drawers on each side and one in the middle for a total of 7.

Bottom drawer left side - kids polish & clear based glitters

Middle drawer left side - franken drawer

Top drawer left side - treatments & tools
Center drawer - misc

Top drawer right side - nail art stuff

Middle drawer right side - stuff for gels
Bottom drawer right side - UV light
On top of white drawers - small white drawers (nail art/konad) & removers
Top white drawer
2nd white drawer
Drawer 3 is miscellaneous storage (like spare camera cords), drawer 4 is my giveaway stash, and drawer 5 is more polish storage (mostly backups). Okay, off to tidy up a bit and head to bed. Hope to have pics of the "new" tomorrow followed by some mani pics! ;)

Much Love, The Dragon Lady


  1. This looked pretty awesome! If the new is even better, I can't wait to see it. :)

  2. Very cool! I can't wait to see the new.

  3. There are some pretty amazing polishes there! Whoa!