More St. Patrick's Day Manis - Part 8 - THE FAILS

Ok, now the FAIL St. Patty's Day manis. There are two. The first one is a semi-fail...ok in theory, fail in execution.

I used 2 coats of Wet 'n Wild Black Creme, Emerald Isle (franken, 1 coat on accent), and a plain green glitter franken (no name) on the tips.



Fail #2: Totally FAIL. It looked good in my head but apparently got demented in the translation? ROFL. Not sure what I was thinking but this is definitely NOT it. Uggh.

Ok, I also need to say 2 things....
One, look at the polish, see the name, see the color...How is that Lime Green? Just saying!
Two, my nails are stained green from this polish, it goes on smooth, kind of on the runny side, but my biggest issue is stainage. Dragon Lady says GRRR! at stainage! Ok, thanks for listening to my mini-rant. ;)

Much Love, The Dragon Lady


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