Day 15: Delicate Print

So this is the post I was going to do today but you get two today because as I said earlier I fell asleep. I would hold off on this and save it for tomorrow but I am hoping to have a review of the Shany Stamping plates for you tomorrow!So because this was going to be done on a Fav or Franken Friday I chose my fav metallic purple in my collection to stamp with, China Glaze Harmony. The base color is 3 carefully placed coats of Revlon Charming. I love the color of Charming but was not happy with the formula on this one! I found it to be runny and even after letting the first coat dry completely then next coat thinned out sections so I applied a thicker third coat when the second was still kind of wet and Seche Vite over coat 3 to hid some of the drag marks and streaks. Thank goodness for Seche! I will definitely have to practice with Charming to see if I can get a perfect coverage out of it because i really do love the color!

I used stamping plate m71 for the "delicate" pattern. I was going to wear this mani out for dinner (my step-father's birthday dinner) tonight but there was a problem with it. So I took it off, if I have time to pull off the mani I want to for dinner I'll either post it later tonight or tomorrow. So look at all the pictures (it's in every one) and see if you can tell what's wrong with this mani!

Okay if you haven't guess it I smacked my index nail while the under coat was still wet I guess, so it  smeared and wrinkled the stamp. I slapped on another coat of Seche Vite to semi-smooth it out for these pictures. I admit it's not horribly noticeable but once I know it's there it will drive me crazy!

Much Love, The Dragon Lady

Didn't have time for the mani I had planned for dinner, also managed to rip off two nails on my swatching hand in the process. Grrr! I told myself that I would review this soak off nail gel that I got recently (to use for mom's nails) if I broke anymore nails so you might get a double review tomorrow of both the gel and the Shany plates. Good nighty all! Off to play with gel, manis, and redo my polish stash list since it hasn't been updated in almost 3 months!


  1. Beautiful. It is not so noticeable, but like you, I will rather wash it off than display it for few days knowing one of the nail arts not perfect. lol!

  2. Great stamping! I like the colors you used