Pink Wednesday: Petites Color Fever Raspberry Ice

For today's Pink Wednesday post I used 2 coats of Petites Color Fever Raspberry Ice over my frankened nail treatments (I really need to name it, how about Uber Base, LOL). Raspberry Ice was opaque in 1 coat but that 2nd coat deepened the color a bit more. The formula on this one was awesome. Smooth, even, non-draggy. Loved it!

So Color Club Hot Like Lava was my brightest metallic pink until I bought this. This is way brighter! I think I will be using this one a lot. The next thing I want to do with this is try it with stamping. *Drools*

My middlest daughter, Sweetie Pie, wanted to do a Pink Wednesday mani too. She used Color Club Warhol and Nubar Star Sparkle (accent nail). She painted her own nails, mom just helped clean up a "bit." Sorry for the crappy lighting but I couldn't get her her into the lightbox and take the picture at a decent angle.

Much Love, The Dragon Lady


  1. Love the new layout! It's so purrdy. ;)

    This is a gorgeous foil-y hot pink. Love the berry tones to it.

    Your daughter totally rocked those nails! Love the pink and silver combo.

  2. That's a great pink!!
    And your daughter's mani is gorgeous!

  3. This is a beautiful colour!! Aw, that manicure is so cute!! XD

  4. Great color!
    I love your new design! (.

  5. Glad you ladies like the new design! It will probably stay this way for awhile, I am just happy that I finally found something I like! LOL

    The kiddo will be happy to hear you all liked her mani too! ;)

  6. Grr, there wasn't a reply button for comments so I added it won't work. LOL! I'll keep working on it. Might tweak a few more things a long the way, we'll see.

  7. Ok, reply button now seems to be working but I still don't like how it replies @someone and does not indent...back to the drawing board. =(